You have the opportunity to store your Will and other legal documents through us with The National Will Safe.  

On your death, it is only the wet signature copy of your Will that is valid. Any scanned, photocopied, or recorded copies would not be legally credible to act upon.  

If you store your legal documents at home, they are vulnerable to damage, loss or theft. The threat of fire, water or general wear and tear could null and void your documents. Over time your documents could become lost due to moves, re-organisation and cluttering with no trace of where they were kept.  

The National Will Safe ensures that your legal documents are secure, traceable and accessible. They are kept in sealed wallets, are insured against loss or damage and are retrievable free of charge at any time.  

The documents are also logged onto The National Will Register, this means they are traceable via a Will find search in future.  

Clients who store their Will through Ackary Benjamin will be able to take advantage of unlimited amendments* to their Wills at no extra cost. This means you may never have to buy a Will again! 

For Additional information about storing your legal documents contact our specialists!  

*Free amendments do not include additional products such as Trusts or Lasting Power of Attorney registration fees.