A Last Will & Testament is a legally binding document in which you set out your instructions pertaining your assets and dependants.  

Dying without a Will could lead to some dire consequences, your estate will fall into a process determined by English & Welsh Law known as the rules of intestacy. Your estate may not be distributed how you would have otherwise preferred.  

It would be likely that the process would become costlier and would take a considerable amount of time to resolve, potentially leaving loved ones with unnecessary stress and a higher risk of dispute. 

In the case of children, it would be the courts that decide who is responsible for the guardianship of your children during their minority.    

Writing a Will with the right advice ensures that even in death, you have shown the ultimate duty of care. Your hard-earned assets will be distributed to the right people in a smoother, timely and more economical fashion and your children will be in reassuring hands with your choice of responsible guardians. 

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